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Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants

Lotus is your partner to grow your revenue and brand. From campaigns and projects to monthly support, staff development, or temporary department staffing, watch your revenue and brand grow with Lotus.



Julie Cruit Angilly

Julie is a senior marketing, sales/fundraising executive with consistent record achieving and surpassing revenue goals. As a brand, marketing, communications, sales/fundraising strategist, Julie sets a strong vision, manages teams to execute plans, consistently delivers results to grow revenue and brands.  Julie is a seasoned manager and executive leadership team member. 


Julie led marketing to establish a strong national brand and has helped to raise more than $40 million in revenue. Relentlessly focused on data, the science and art of revenue and brand building, and managing process that generates results, you want Julie on your team if your goal is to grow. 


Julie's superpowers are strategy development, persuasive writing and content development, campaign and team management, and closing. At Lotus, Julie relies on her team of consultants of subject-matter experts to deliver a full-service experience.

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Fundraising is hard, but it doesn't have to be! With the right team, the right process, and the right systems - you can get your fundraising to a place where you are consistently hitting your annual, growth, and campaign goals!

The Wall of Ideas


Whether you want to optimize and grow your brand, need a long-term marketing strategy and plan, or must execute a quick campaign, Lotus can provide a full-service solution or fill in where you need extra help.

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Want to use content to drive marketing, sales, and revenue? Lotus can help you launch and execute a content plan that engages your audience, secures their trust in you, and helps you grow your business. Use blogs, whitepapers, stories, and more to attract, engage, and convert more business.



What it is like working with Julie and the Lotus team!

Working with Julie to expand and strengthen our fundraising strategy has proven to be invaluable. Her breadth of experience allowed her to quickly identify our organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement and develop an actionable plan to increase funding efforts quickly.

Kristi Wells

I am honored to recommend, Julie as she is one of the country's most outstanding communicators, especially for those non-profit organizations whose mission reflects the desire to bring about meaningful and sustainable improvements in the social services area.

Peter Thorp

My business has grown 80% since working with Julie. Julie has helped me to develop a marketing strategy and look at costs and pricing in a new way. I am not a numbers person. Julie helped me look at things differently to grow and improve my profit margin!

Kim Urch

Julie is a deft relationship builder and a leader with an extraordinary creative vision and a penchant for innovation. She sees things that others do not, and enables others to first see the vision, and then execute on it. The result is not only more clarity, greater impact, and stronger relationships, but also a lot of fun.

Julayne Virgil

Julie consistently generated amazing results – from amazing fundraising numbers, to expansive marketing reach. She has a unique ability to see – and clearly communicate – the big picture, without losing sight of the finer details.

Nate Randall


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